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Shot blasting

 Our in house shot blaster can remove grime and paint ready to prep your parts for power coating or painting. It can house most parts except oversize items such as frames.

Cylinder Boring

Cast iron cylinders can be bored out to an oversize when they have seized. Cylinder Boring is £25 + VAT per cylinder.

Engine Rebuilds

Our workshop is fully equipped to take on any engine rebuild. Whether it’s a bearing, cylinder and piston or crank replacement on a 2 stroke or 4 stroke.

General Repairs

We can cater for any job from fitting spark plugs to a tyre fitting. Our in-house qualified mechanics are fully trained to the highest standard and can take on any repair.

Bike Servicing

With our service plans you can choose the best service to suit your budget; we have 3 plans available, basic, general and major. For the full service specification please phone for more details.

Engine Tuning

We stock a large range of performance parts and have the knowledge to advise you on the best set up and parts. 

Engine Porting

The final stage in engine tuning to get more power is engine porting. This is a process that can take a considerable amount of time and precision, the engines ports are adjusted to suit the specification of the engine and the customer’s requirements. Porting can add around 5-8 BHP on a 172cc engine that has performance parts installed.

Dyno Tuning

Our in house dynamometer is the perfect machine to fine tune and set up your pride and joy, it can take scooters and motorcycles and can take up to 500bhp and 320kph/200mph. Please see our Dyno Page for more details.

Steering Arm Repair

A common problem on the Italjet Dragster's and Formula's is the front steering arm having play or joints seizing, this is an MOT failure. The Formula steering arms are readily available on our online shop using part number 3381003 but the Dragster ones are not available. We can supply parts for you to repair your steering arm or we can do it in house with prices start at £30 per joint plus parts. We can strip, powder coat and rebuild complete steering arms to your colour specification if you are working on that special project. Call or email for more details.




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